Monday, May 24, 2010

The Hamster was LOST

This may be one of those stories where it's a lot more hysterical if you're directly involved, such a shame we didn't catch all of this on video, but nonetheless it has made me laugh to myself all day long so I think it's worth a shot at retelling here.

As everyone in the world knows now, last night was the series finale of LOST (as a die-hard fan, I don't think it has hit me yet that my Tuesday evening TV viewing will never be the same again). Tad and I have an old friend named Brandon who is responsible for turning this crazy TV show into an obsession for us, so it seemed only fitting that we would make the drive to out to his apartment to watch the final episode.

Not 10 minutes after we walked in his door at 8:25 p.m. Sunday evening (the episode started at 9) something happened.

Brandon was put in charge of caring for his roommate's two Roborovski hamsters (world's smallest breed of hamsters) while his roommate was away. After hearing all this talk about his roommate's plans to build Hamster-Topia, a 7x6 foot hamster tubing palace in his bedroom, I had to meet the little guys. As I looked around the cage...

Brandon: "Is there only one? There's supposed to be two. He has to be in there. He has to be. Is he buried? Seriously, he's in there right?"

Turning his roommate's room upside down, Tad and I began giving a quickly-flipping out Brandon advice on how to handle the situation, everything from going to the pet store and buying a replacement, to telling his roommate that the hamster got sick and died, or that the other one ate him. As Brandon suggests leaving the room and coming back to search later, Tad, staring at the back corner of the room, says, "I see him," in such a calm way that none of us computed what that meant. Tad would later tell us that he thought he was hallucinating and didn't really realize what he was saying.

About 1.3 seconds after his saying this, it clicks and we all spring into action at once, cornering the critter behind a book case. Not only are these hamsters small and can slip through the tiniest cracks, they are fast and can dart quicker than deer. Here, there, there, here, the three of us tripped over each other to corner him, taking out books and boxes and screaming things like "Grab him!" "AH!" "Close the bedroom door!" Just as the hamster runs along side said door, Brandon says "no way he can... OH MY GOD!" and away hamster slipped.

Chasing him down the hall and into the kitchen, I fell on my hands and knees and scooped him up before he got under the fridge. Triumph at last and the hamster was safely returned. We still don't know how he got out, but Brandon taped up every crack in the enclosure with industrial tape.

It took us a good 10 minutes to calm down enough to get off the floor from laughing so hard, just in time to settle in for the series finale.

The three of us and most of my office today have been going over the final episode again and again, judging each of our interpretations. One theory I heard was they all died in the initial plane crash and used the island to sort out their issues, but that that doesn't explain how some could die on the island and others couldn't. I think I'm with Tad and going with my original theory that everything was real, just shown to us in time-traveling parallel universes.

We also tried to make a list of all the plot lines they didn't explain or wrap up, but had to stop because it became too depressing. Some people were pissed at how it ended, but I thought it was appropriate with all of them dying. It gave some sort of resolution, even though we don't exactly know how we got there.

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