Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well done, weekend, well done.

This weekend was solid. Nothing epic or outlandish, but definitely satisfying.

Friday night after work, I headed out to College Park for UMD's Art Attack festival. Tad, who has the in with the entertainment folks from his work at the student union, got us VIP passes to the main event: Ben Folds/Weezer. Both are groups that I have a handful of their songs on my ipod but I wouldn't call myself a huge fan. That all changed after this night.

Ben Folds was his usually "Billy Joel of our time" self, and having never seen Weezer in concert before, I was blown away by how hard they could rock.

Here's just a taste of the madness. The crowd of 12,000 (the biggest Art Attack crowd to date) was throwing glow necklaces in the air. You see someone throw a roll of toilet paper at around 11 and 19 seconds.

Standing within arms reach of the stage, I'm fairly certain Rivers Cuomo was pointing at me when he came over to stage left singing "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To)" ;)

Before the encore, Weezer's bass player, Scott Shriner, jumped off the stage right next to us and did a set of 20 push-ups. My camera took that moment to malfunction and then say "memory card full" so you're going to have to take my word for it. Certainly one of the highlights was when Cuomo dressed up like Lady Gaga and the band sang their MGMT cover "Kids" remixed with "Pokerface."

It was one of the best concerts I've been to in a long time. If you ever go to a concert with Tad and I, you'll find that we "feel" the music very differently. Tad likes to close his eyes and let the instrumentals and vocals wash over him. I, on the other hand, like to flail around and let the beat move me. Kinda funny.

Saturday we let ourselves sleep in way too late. In following my usual Saturday morning routine, I got up, made myself something to eat, read a little, dozed, repeat. Rarely do I let myself do that until 1 p.m. though. After we finally got up and moving, we headed up to the roof to sit by our building's pool for the first time this season -- couldn't resist when it was 90 degrees, sunny and breezy.

Making another date night out of it, we went out to dinner Saturday night at Austin Grill (we got fed, but eh, not a memorable meal), and then to the movies to see Date Night (ha!) starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell. We went into this movie expecting it to be really cheesy and hokey, and there were parts that were, but what separated it from other dumb comedy movies was that it was smart, and there wasn't any point where I felt like it was dragging or there was a lull in timing. Plus, there were lots of unusual cameos. Pretty hilarious as expected.

Another hot one today, Tad and I relaxed out on the patio at our friend and former roommate Roberto's place with our other dear friend Daozhong for a barbecue. Roberto is an amazing cook and grilled up all sorts of good eats: two different kinds of sausage, flank steak, mango, pineapple, strawberries... I, of course, made sangria. Good food, good conversation, and suddenly it was evening.

Tad and I headed back to our place where we then accidentally napped for three hours (I'm never going to get to sleep tonight), and woke up hungry not for a meal but for snacks. After a failed attempt to make homemade bread (the yeast I had bought a while back had gone bad), we ended up making guacamole, margaritas and catching up on last week's NBC Thursday night line-up. Now, here I am blogging about it all.

So like I said, a solid weekend, nothing too crazy, but equal parts of fun and rest to get me back to feeling refreshed and fully charged for Monday. Well done, weekend, well done.

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Simone said...

oh man, i wanted to check out the weezer concert! too bad we arent technically student anymore (even though i DEFINITELY milk my is for everything its worth). sounds like an awesome weekend!