Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Wednesday: World Cup 2010 Edition

Sex and Soccer: Some soccer coaches insist their players keep their eyes on the ball -- and nothing else, but can abstinence really make a difference in your soccer playing? We ask an expert.

Travels of a Soccerholic: My friend Daozhong is World Cup-bound right now, and will be blogging about her travels to and around South Africa, as well as her projections for the games.

I do enjoy how Google is running live stats and schedules on the games.

World Cup gamblers in England are "smoking died vulture brains" because they think it'll help them predict match results and outsmart bookies. That sounds about as smart as taking vodka shots through the eye.

This sports website compared 32 World Cup teams to 32 NFL teams in terms of skill and record. Why? No other reason than football is as popular in America as futbol is to the rest of the world and we Americans needs some sort comparison to understand the hype.

Going e-Couture, Nike unveiled their 2010 World Cup jerseys made from recycled plastic bottles.