Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Final Post... For Now

Believe or not, my life has dramatically changed since I last contributed an entry to my blog that once received so much love.

Over the course of a few short weeks, I've landed a new job working in New York, which means I'm leaving Discovery and D.C. behind (btw, for those of you who keep asking me what the deal is with the enormous shark on the Discovery building, that's Chompie. He's a promotion for Shark Week, starting Aug. 1).

Photo by the AMAZING Dan Plimpton

It's bittersweet. This area has been a great home to me for the past six years and Tad and I have a lot of friends and family here, but we're ready for a new adventure. The Big Apple, baby!

It's funny too how many New York people I've reconnected with since I made the new job/new city announcement last week. Kids from college who have moved up there, people I used to work with when I was an intern there, friends who have put me in touch with friends... I feel like I already have a welcoming party waiting to greet me.

I say this is the final post for now because Always Fishing has been my D.C. blog for so long, I sort of feel like I should leave it behind and begin a new blogging venture. I haven't decided yet. One thing is for sure, I bid you adieu, fair readers, for now, and thanks for your support. I'll see you in New York!